PATTERN Diary: Creative Language

As a business major with a deep appreciation for the arts, I was constantly searching for a creative outlet that allowed me to escape from the world of numbers and statistics. For me, I found my passion in fashion. It was my form of self-expression and putting outfits together became a hobby. It was a difficult journey of trial and error finding my niche in the fashion community but when I came to the realization that my dream title is to be a creative director/stylist, I reached out to Pattern.

It was truly nerve wracking. I was a management major with a bunch of clothes and no portfolio to accurately represent myself. How could I possibly land this internship? Well, fast forward a couple months after my interview and here I am sitting at the Pattern office, privileged to write my internship experience.

My internship with PATTERN has made this summer most memorable. In the span of three months, I’ve styled eight photoshoots and created my very own website to present my portfolio. I have been absolutely blessed to be a part of this collective in growing the fashion industry in the Midwest, providing a platform for talents to grow on.

A skill I am frequently practicing here and in my everyday life is creativity. It is those who are willing to try new things and step outside their comfort zone that are able to break away from the societal “norm”. Question everything. Don’t settle.

Pattern has also aided in my networking skills. I believe that networking is essential in expanding your connections and to climb the corporate ladder. Being around an ambitious group of creatives has inspired me to develop my own brand and name for the future.

I encourage future interns to be open to communication. Share ideas, ask questions, and don’t be afraid to express in your own creative language.